Jenny Powers Of Blue Avenue Music Group Launches Innovative Artist Services Platform
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Jenny Powers: "Fear can talk you out of the things that are meant for you"
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Get to Know: A&R Manager Jenny Powers of Blue Ave Music Group
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Facebook and Instagram ads for musicians and value of an effective advertisement on social media

Jenny Powers is the founder of Blue Avenue Music. She is a digital marketing guru and has taken artists' online presences from small to huge, allowing them to foster a community and find their fans anywhere in the world. This is then leveraged into selling merch, tickets to shows, and increasing streaming revenue. Jenny shares her expertise on social media advertising, marketing, content creation, and creating a diverse plan to enable the most success.

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The Importance of Growing a Real Fanbase (Interview with Jenny Powers)

As a trailblazing woman in the music industry, Jenny Powers is the founder and CEO of Blue Avenue Music Group - artist management, marketing, and label services provider. Created after experiencing for herself the challenges artists face when navigating the often intentionally complex business aspects of the music industry, Blue Avenue Music Group gives artists the resources to build a solid business foundation and monetize their efforts in the industry.

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How to Be a Successful Musician with Jenny Powers

Perhaps this is no surprise to you, but the music industry is COMPLEX. There's a lot that goes into things behind the scenes, beyond just a catchy hook (though that part is kind of important, too). What does it take to be a successful musician?

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