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Blue Avenue Music Group, LLC, is an artist management, marketing, and label services provider. We created it after experiencing for ourselves the challenges artists face when navigating the perpetually and often intentionally complex business aspects of the music industry.

Our calling is to provide unique, cost-effective resource that helps artists build a solid business foundation for their careers, and more effectively monetize their efforts. It begins with helping them define their vision and we spend a lot of time up-front with our clients to help them do so and understand it ourselves. We deliver results that not only help our clients in tangible ways, but also ensures that we abide by our Golden Rule of treating each client with grace, kindness, and respect.

We live these principles every day, and help each client better understand what it means to Be Creative, Be Artistic, and Be Valued as a human and an artist. We foster meaningful relationships with each client that go far beyond the bond of a conventional contract and business relationship. Blue Avenue's clients are typically the artists themselves, but our services are valuable to labels and music marketing companies too.

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What We Do for Artists

  • Artist Consultations
  • Website/Fan Monetization
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Social Media Management
  • Album Launch
  • A&R
  • Management/Day-to-Day

The Feedback

[Jenny's] advice is always right on.

Ari Herstand

Author of "How To Make It in the New Music Business: Practical Tips on Building a Loyal Following and Making a Living as a Musician"

Jenny is an absolute champion for artists. She has a genuine passion for helping artists grow and once she puts her mind to something there's no stopping her.

Michael Lennon

Sol Seed

What I greatly admire about [Jenny], especially in this industry, is her straight-forward honesty. She doesn't waste your time with just talk, she doesn't BS you just to pull one over, and she doesn't fluff up any details to make herself look better, she follows through with action, and she delivers real, viable results. No band should go without a Jenny!

Jeremy Anderson






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