Who We Are

Blue Avenue Music Group, LLC, is an artist management, marketing, and label services provider. We created it after experiencing for ourselves the challenges artists face when navigating the perpetually and often intentionally complex business aspects of the music industry.

Our calling is to provide unique, cost-effective resource that helps artists build a solid business foundation for their careers, and more effectively monetize their efforts. It begins with helping them define their vision and we spend a lot of time up-front with our clients to help them do so and understand it ourselves. We deliver results that not only help our clients in tangible ways, but also ensures that we abide by our Golden Rule of treating each client with grace, kindness, and respect.

We live these principles every day, and help each client better understand what it means to Be Creative, Be Artistic, and Be Valued as a human and an artist. While it's not witchcraft, we foster magical relationships with each client that go far beyond the bond of a conventional contract and business relationship. Blue Avenue's clients are typically the artists themselves, but our services are valuable to labels and music marketing companies too.

We believe in an honest work ethic, creativity, and helping to define and achieve an artist's vision.

What We Do

We deliver results in the best interest of the artists we serve.

Meet the Team

Portrait of Jenny Powers

Jenny Powers

Management | A&R

Jenny Powers is a music lover, avid supporter of Girls Rock Camp, and official Ari's Take Academy Moderator. She is constantly studying the ever-changing music industry, while consistently and effectively refining her methods and services to help bands achieve their goals and build a solid, sustainable business foundation for their careers.

Jenny's social media marketing campaigns have led to chart topping albums on Billboard, iTunes and Apple Music.

"What I greatly admire about her, especially in this industry, is her straight-forward honesty. She doesn't waste your time with just talk, she doesn't BS you just to pull one over, and she doesn't fluff up any details to make herself look better, she follows through with action, and she delivers real, viable results. No band should go without a Jenny!"

Portrait of Jenny Powers

Steph Miller

Management | Promotions

Stephanie Miller has spent years behind the scenes as the go-to girl for bands. From album promo to load-in to running merch, she has put out fires and she's fueled some. She is now out front managing and guiding bands by giving solid advice and helping them achieve sustainable goals to build their careers.


Hear From Our Clients

"[Jenny's] advice is always right on."

"Jenny is an absolute champion for artists. She has a genuine passion for helping artists grow and once she puts her mind to something there's no stopping her."

“Steph Miller sincerely cares about music and this positive movement. She is a marketing whiz who has used her knowledge to help and connect bands across the country.”

“Finding your community is the most important focus point for an independent band. That being said, Stephanie is a trusted voice in our community. Whether it's a successful tour announcement or single release, she'll make it happen.”

“Providing a positive message for the community is what Bubba Love is all about. Making sure that message is heard wouldn’t be possible without Stephanie Miller’s diligent work towards providing an outlet to express art and music.”

“Stephanie is one of the most punctual and hard working people in the industry. She is well versed in many aspects of the music business and is a whiz at social media and marketing strategy.”

“I've had the honor of working with Steph on multiple occasions, every one of them being an absolute delight. She is thorough, task oriented and seems to have an engine within her that never runs out of fuel. I'd be honored to have her on my team anytime for any event... Steph Miller is a damn rockstar!”